Lead your child into restful nights.

Lead your child into restful nights.

Bedtime doesn't have to be a Nightmare

Don't wait for sleep to resolve itself. Sleep doesn't have to be so tearful, exhausting, frustrating, or lonely.

There's a reason for every sleep issue and this course & community will help you identify and resolve it. Get the Sleep, Lose the Tears® has everything you need to get your child to sleep and start enjoying this season with your child.

Learn exactly which factors are negatively affecting your child's sleep & how to nurture him/her to restful nights

  • From the science of sleep to the art of bedtime, you will learn all the factors and skills needed so you can help your child sleep restfully
  • Receive support from a "science-first" Gentle Sleep Coach and Infant Mental Health Professional so you can get your questions answered
  • Join a community of empathetic moms who are on the same journey as you so you never have to feel alone
  • Learn from multiple health practitioners (Naturopathic Doctor, Chiropractic Doctor, Nutritionist, and Occupational Therapist) so you ask informed questions to your child's health provider about underlying health conditions
  • Be empowered to lead your child in restful sleep in a way that is aligned to your family's values and goals

The course and Mama Sleep Expert® community is designed to support you through this entire process as you foster healthy independence in your child.

Module 1: Introduction



Understanding Stress

In the first module, you'll begin to understand your child’s disrupted sleep from a whole-child perspective so you can effectively problem-solve, and by the end of this course, implement corrective measures.

Module 2: Underlying Health Conditions


Jennifer Kreiger (ND)

Kelly Dorfman, Nutritionist (MS, LND)

Kimberly Maxwell, (DC)

Amy Smith, (OT)

You will be able to identify the most prominent causes of sleep disruption from underlying conditions so you can speak to your health care provider with knowledge and the right questions.

Module 3: Self-Regulation & Sleep


The Sleep-Wake Cycle

Fighting Mother Nature

Supporting Your Child’s Natural Rhythms

In this module, you will learn to leverage your child’s natural ability to sleep well so you don't have to guess nor work against Mother-Nature.

Module 4: Behavioral Modification





In this understanding the behavioral side of the sleep equation.

Module 5: Putting It All Together



Final Wake-Window


Here you'll learn how the USB Sleep Drive® works together as a whole and how you can best put it into practice so your child can get restorative, and ultimately, independent sleep.

The framework of my course and approach is the USB Sleep Drive®.

The USB Sleep Drive® is why I have a 100% success rate with my coaching clients and why I call our private group, Mama Sleep Experts®.

  • You will be empowered with a macro and micro understanding of what affects your child’s sleep.
  • You will be empowered with the right mindset to be able to problem-solve any child you have, now and in the future.
  • It's plug and play for every child’s sleep.

Myra Hartzheim

Gentle Sleep Coach, Infant Mental Health Professional, & Sleep & Development Researcher

We created a solution I wish I had when we were without answers. You want to feel like the expert on your child’s sleep and not just following an arbitrary 3-step plan.

You want to be fully informed of your options so you can be confident the direction you are heading with your child is the best one for your child and your family.

You want to know you can make a change in your child’s sleep in a way that feels aligned with your family’s values.

And above all, you are tired of sifting through all of the information that has left you confused.

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These are from real parents just like you who were stuck in the cycle of

sleepless nights.

“Your course was unlike any of the child sleep resources out there…I learned so much in there that I haven’t learned from other resources… one thing I learned from the course that I think every mom should know is that babies aren’t born trusting. They have to learn to trust us.”


“We struggled a lot my daughter’s first year, with lots of sleep issues as well as severe colic/nursing problems that probably exacerbated the sleep issues. We’ve had seasons where she’s been sleeping alright and then we backtrack a bit and need more help. We just recently had been struggling with her taking forever to go down for bed (very happily playing in her crib for sometimes 1+hrs before sleeping) and waking very early, as early as 4:45 without being able to go back down. She would then nap so hard we’d have to wake her up. After watching the course we decided to try to play with her bedtime, thinking maybe we were putting her down a little overtired. It’s been helping so far, she’s taking less time (under 30min) to fall asleep and waking closer to 6/6:15. I’m glad she’s getting more sleep!”


“I think we figured out my daughter's bedtime thanks to your coaching call! She has fallen asleep earlier and slept better for two nights in a row!”


"This should really be a course everyone takes in college!"

– Maggie

Supporting the body’s natural ability to sleep, combined with parental connection to foster independence and safety, is what creates the unique results that our clients experience.

“We are innately capable of wholeness. This is not about being less broken, it is about becoming more whole.”

– Dr. Jerome D. Lubbe

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